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Saturday, September 30, 2023
YEI was founded on an advanced engineering capability and has been serving the aerospace, petroleum, and retail grocery industries for 25 years. Our engineers are qualified in architectural, civil, geotechnical, electrical, mechanical, structural, and environmental disciplines, as well as cost estimating and construction services. We maintain current knowledge of building codes and government requirements related to safety, security, quality, documentation, and record keeping. We routinely provide designs in both English and Spanish.
Engineering Design and Analysis

YEI staff are skilled in providing engineering design/analysis services in the architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, geotechnical, and electrical disciplines, as well as CAD/CAE, cost estimating, and systems and sustaining engineering.

Environmental Engineering

YEI's senior staff has extensive experience providing environmental assessments, permitting, asbestos abatement inspections, sampling, and monitoring; ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory agency guidelines; and monitoring working conditions at sites to ensure compliance with OSHA safety requirements.

Research and Technology Development

Through personal relationships, past business relationships, endowments, and affiliations, YEI has established relationships with several noted, world-class research institutions. This relationship provides valuable extensions of our research and technology development capability.

Project Management

YEI project managers employ state-of-the-art tools to perform planning, monitoring, and control of all aspects of each project.
Construction Management

YEI has provided bidding and construction documentation services for 25 years. Experience includes construction management of underground fuel system and retail convenience store installations in 25 countries.

Program and Mission Operations

YEI key personnel have participated in various strategic planning activities for the realignment of science and engineering organizations, continuous budget planning, and performance evaluation.

Test and Evaluation

YEI is experienced in site inspection and investigation, sample collection, testing, and providing expert witnesses for condemnations. We also provide functional testing and evaluation of prototype and developmental systems, including both software and hardware.

Secure Facility Design

We are skilled in electronic security systems, CCTV, personnel access control, acoustic treatment for architectural design, HVAC duct silencers, physical security, shielded facilities, filtered power and red/black criteria, and RF filtering of power and communication circuits.

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